Premium Escorts
Ayia Napa
Height:170 cm
Hair color:blond
Eyes color:brown
City:Ayia Napa
My rates:
1 hour - 200e+taxi €

Hi, I am Doris. Close your eyes and imagine what you want. Then look at me, and you will understand all that you desire, you find me. I am a girl of your dreams, and you are the guy, without which I miss. We will be good together. Lux escort in Ayia Napa. Call me only once, and you will want to only me next to him. I am a girl of luxury with a magnificent figure and good speech. I have a lot of ambition. It is normal for a beautiful woman. I work as a model and can show your photos. All people turn on me when I walk down the street. You would have turned around too. Just allow yourself to live luxuriously, choose me. I promise you will enjoy the time with me.

  • Keylon

    This is a neat surmmay. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mishel

    I had tried to get to see this girl for a while and believe me it was worth the wait. Her photos do not do any justice as to how beautiful she is. She is very chatty, fun to be with, playful, likes to tickle and is def no rush. She is by far the best escort I have ever seen. She is stunningly beautiful with a killer body. The service was amazing from start to finish. Wished I had stayed longer. Have been buzzing all day and can’t wait to go back. Thanks

  • JimmiNi

    Still can’t get her smell out of my head, I think I’m in love… It was something special. Really. When I’ll hear the word “feminity”, I’m going to think of her. Real women.

  • Golden

    Guys don’t miss her, young and beautiful butterflies like her usually don’t remain in this business for too long, and given that she looks like a model she probably has a lot of better options, but I guess she just loves sex.