Premium Escorts
Ayia Napa
Height:172 cm
Weight:59 kg
Hair color:blond
Eyes color:blue
City:Ayia Napa
My rates:
1 hour - 200 €
All night - 1000 €

Hi, I am Jennifer. You should meet me, if you are sad. I am sure if you see girl like me, you are not bored. I always have a lot of ideas how to have a good time. Sometimes it is very bold ideas that amaze men. But don’t worry, I won’t make a mess. I have a lot of friends. Girls, I know, like to be happy like me. We like to relax in a good company; we always need a group of guys. Men like our fun weekend. Do not be sad, come to us. Do not be afraid, we do not bite. Your leisure time should be fun, and I will provide it, because I am a holiday girl. Call me for an appointment; I am looking forward this meeting expecting a good day.

  • Jonay

    Please keep thrinowg these posts up they help tons.

  • John

    Never seen such a professional and lovely clean and hygeinic and always asks favourites and blend accordingly. Never a time keeper and good talker with nice smile.. Absolutely recommend and will keep coming back for more..