Premium Escorts
Height:172 cm
Weight:57 kg
Hair color:blond
Eyes color:blue
My rates:
1 hour - 200 €
All night - 1000 €

Hello, I am Johnny. I do an escort in Nicosia and also escort in Kyrenia for all night booking. I am an ordinary girl with an unusual passion. I hope to meet a man who is able to bring my passion. I love fun and funny days. If you meet me, you spend a good time, it is the law. Do not doubt, you should get to know me. I call on you in the world of pleasure and laughter. But you should know, i am capricious. It is fine if she is naughty. Never harass me if I sleep. It is not funny; I can kill you or scream for a long time. Do not show me the insects, I am afraid it, and do not bother to listen to music. So now you know my fears and weakness, do not abuse it.

  • Loryn

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so engriallhnt!

  • Alex

    Thank you for a lovely time! Beautiful girl, very welcoming, familiar location, nice and clean etc. Great value session with plenty of favs on offer with a few extras offered. Nice session with plenty of variety. Enjoy the stocking! Will see again x