Premium Escorts
Ayia Napa
Height:170 cm
Weight:55 kg
Hair color:blond
Eyes color:blue
City:Ayia Napa
My rates:
1 hour - 200e+taxi €

Hi honey. How about to meet attractive and young girl? My name is Luminica, I’m a very bossy girl and love strong, determined and active men. At the moment I dedicate all free time to my beauty, because the most important thing to men is the appearance of the woman, because she is his business card. My mood is very changeable, I can laugh for the whole day, and then to cry. Will waiting for your call. Kisses.

  • Alex

    Beautiful lady, great personality. Very enjoyable encounter. Would certainly want to meet again.

  • Lans

    Unmissable, this lady is as nice a person you could meet, she really is as sexy and beautiful as the photos show, but what the photos can’t show is how friendly, kind and nice a girl she really is. Words just can’t do Luminica justice, you’d have to meet her to actually realise just how special she is. Be careful, she’s the sort of girl you could get addicted too, yea, she really is that nice a person.